Month: February 2021

  • The Childhood Of An Edgelord

    South Park and Family Guy were the enablers for a huge rise in anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, homophobia and every other flavour of shite gargled and vomited out by millennial edgelords now. These men worshipped those shows when they were boys and it’s pretty obvious. The normalisation of open hatred isn’t comedy, it’s crypto-fascism. Also, as…

  • Fisheye Oakwood Feb 2021

    For a different view of my home neighbourhood.

  • Spend Jeff Bezos’ Billions

    Just TRY to spend it all. Go here! Give it a go. Be stupid, be reckless. Have 20 mansions and 200 helicopters. And then realise just how much money that is and how it’s mostly the unpaid wages of Amazon workers. SMAUG WASN’T MEANT TO BE A FUCKING ROLE MODEL.

  • Black And White Wood

    There’s something about Olympus cameras and even my little E-PL9 has it.

  • Lamb Curry

    It was very, very tasty!

  • Chadd Wood Feb 2021

    I’ve not been out of the house in ages. Today, I winkled myself out and took some pics for the first time in ages. It was good!

  • Five Dead = “Kerfuffle”

    Boris Johnson has insisted US democracy remains “strong”, despite the “kerfuffle” over former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. The Senate acquitted Mr Trump of incitement to insurrection following the storming of Congress on 6 January. Mr Johnson told US broadcaster CBS his relationship with new President Joe Biden was “excellent”. (Source: BBC News) An attempted…

  • Home Again (2017)

    If you want a feel good film that might make you shed a lil tear of awh but leaves you smiling, this should do the job! There are romances, there are kisses, there are un-requited passions but there is only one really ridiculous sequence, the rest is very lifelike. The film delivers the hardest thing:…


    So, next to Tumblr, TikTok is my current source of lol solace and cutes. Which would be fine but for every other post being a:  “GUYS, THIS IS WHAT GIRLS REALLY THINK!” or “WHY IS IT THAT WOMEN ALWAYS DO THIS??” or some horrifically unfunny prank some straight couple is doing on each other.  And…

  • Creme Eggs


  • Space Racism

    Yes I noticed. Yes it was meant to be a joke. Was it funny when a human character referred to two unconscious Vulcans as “Spock and Spock” in Star Trek: Lower Decks? It was as funny as if a white character had called two unconscious Indians “Patel and Patel.” I wasn’t funny, it was racist.…