Dr Monster’s Last Gasp

“But I still don’t understand, Dr Monster? Why would you want to touch this blue poison print, don’t do it! Don’t!”

“I’m sorry, dear but we Komodo are the peers of poison, if I ingest this huge blue patch, I may be able to internally synthesize an antidote to the tiny dose which is slowly killing you… I… I cannot lose you, Sophia. I… have… grown accustomed to your radiative warmth…” 

“No, Dr Monster, noooo, we have weeks to search for another cure, don’t touch the patch, please don’t! You cannot die… you cannot!! I… I love you, dear Dr! I love you!”

“I… I love you too, dearest Sophia. You have the finest scientific mind I have ever had the privilege to encounter. I must preserve this for all of us, even if the attempt costs my life.”

WIth that, the good doctor broke free of Sophia’s frantic grip and planted his scaly hand directly on the blue poison patch. As the poison coursed into his system, he groaned in pain, a rictus of agony crossing that kind, leathery face that made Sophia’s heart skip every time she saw it. 

“Oh, Doctor! Nooo!” Sophia clutched the Doctor to her bosom, all thoughts of propriety abandoned as she wished she had not wasted so many years hiding her passions. What had he done… oh, what could have been!

“I can feel your heart beating, Sophia… I am happy if this is the last sound I hear before crossing the Styx… I… I love you… remember that… always…”

Tears coursing down her face, Sophia kissed the Doctor on his snout as his eyes slowly closed…