Old (F)Art

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This is the joy of being old and, in particular, of being an old artist.

During this lockdown, I’ve started streaming music production sessions (twitch.tv/bzangy) and have had some wonderful interactions with musicians 25, 30 years younger than me.

They’re at the very start of finding their own voices (sometimes literally) and I’ve been doing this a long time now. I know who I am artistically and how I want to say things even if I’m always searching for new ways to connect and improve my art.

All it takes is some support, a few kind words to really help a young artist. They may not have a supportive peer group, they may not have a supportive family.

That’s why I think it’s important that artists always try to pass their experience on to those coming up. For me, I want to open musicians / producers up to different ways of thinking about sound design, about composition.

EVERYTHING is out there, it’s a wonderful universe of creative possibilities