Krypton, Again

I miss Krypton soo much. 

It had sharp writing, excellent world-building and some truly class acting. It was also soooo good to see so many black British actors getting proper prime-time TV exposure. 

I’m re-watching the end of S2 and… well, very few TV series meet this level of accomplishment. DaVinci’s Demons, iZombie, Travelers, Continuum, The Order, Siren, The Magicians, Misfits, Orphan Black, just off the top of my head. 

And if that seems like a lot, it truly isn’t when compared with the huge turnover of new TV shows that come and go in a season or two. That’s why, when I’m scanning through streamers and stumble on to a good series, a series with heart and wit, I latch on like a lamprey. I binge it. I binge it *good.*

Krypton really deserved more than two seasons. It really did.