I’m In Horny Jail

I was trying to post a nude pic to one of my sideblogs on here and WHOOPS, posted it to my Facebook instead. (I’ve been tired, leave me alone.)

So, facebook has put me in horny jail and I am not allowed to post anything for another nine hours yet. I feel soo… nonplussed? I don’t feel chastised as much as I’ve got a severe frowning from an elderly nun. 

I’d post the hugely offensive image on my primary blog but we all know what being horny on main gets you. I’ve only just got out of Tumblr titty prison and I don’t want to go back to my cone of shame avatar again. 

(But if you do need to see the pic for.. er.. reasons, it’s here -> https://bzangytwo.tumblr.com/post/630726777528008704 )

Enjoy! But please do remember that naked women are the source of all evil and corruption in the world so you may want to domestos your eyes after, better safe than sorry, eh?