Stratford With Nat


Nat and I were trying to think of somewhere to go, not too far to drive and that neither of us had visited before. She picked Stratford-upon-Avon and we had an awesome day out on Wednesday!

I guess I should confess that I was prejudiced; I expected a very corny, soulless, tourist-trap of a town. What we actually found was one of the loveliest places either of us has seen, a town that brims with independent eateries and other businesses, vibrant streets bustling with life even during these Rona Madness times. Top points to the lovely lady running the Magic Alley shop whose friendliness was matched only by her love of Farscape esoterica.

We walked, we sat, we ate our own weight in the tastiest pastries I’ve had in years. If you get a chance to go, GO!

More Blairite Fuckery

Seriously, have a read of this fuckery and see how impossible getting even a soft-left leader like Corbyn elected is:

“Less than a week before polling day, Survation cut the Conservative lead to just one point, while another pollster, ORB, had the Tories nine points ahead. Naturally Labour’s senior team viewed the worst poll as good news.

03/06/2017, 20:50 – Patrick Heneghan: Westminster voting intention:

CON: 40% (-6) LAB: 39% (+5) LDEM: 8% (-) UKIP: 5% (+2)

(via @Survation / 03 Jun)

03/06/2017, 20:50 – Neil Fleming: ?

03/06/2017, 20:54 – Neil Fleming: Wtf is going on. Polling industry may as well fold up.

03/06/2017, 20:54 – Tracey Allen: It is doing my head in.

03/06/2017, 21:02 – Julie Lawrence: ?

03/06/2017, 21:04 – Tracey Allen: Long 5 days to go

03/06/2017, 21:12 – Patrick Heneghan: Westminster voting intention:

CON: 45% (+1) LAB: 36% (-2) LDEM: 8% (+1) UKIP: 4% (-1)

(via ORB / 31 May – 01 Jun)

03/06/2017, 21:13 – Neil Fleming: Good old ORB”

(Source: Novara Media)


The Coup Against Corbyn

(Source: )

You see, why believe wacky conspiracies about flat earths or hoaxed moon landings when this an ACTUAL conspiracy, right here. The role of The Guardian and all of the “left” media in this cannot be underestimated either.

And all of the people jumping to assault ‘Corbynistas’ and regurgitating any old right-wing lie – how does it feel to be so gullible?