Month: May 2020


    I’ve been straight edge for the last… 21 years? I don’t preach about it because each to their own but I do recommend this beautiful book.


    We’re two months in, here in the UK.  For those of us with pre-existing mental health issues, Rona has laid an extra layer of FUD on us. Reach out. In my region (the Midlands), try TRENT PTS for online counselling. Don’t feel you’re going on or that people are bored of hearing about your mental health, don’t…

  • Auf Wiedersehen, Florian

    (Source: Without Kraftwerk, we wouldn’t have music as we know it now. Sounds like hyperbole but they were that influential. Everyone from Bowie to Bambaataa, post-punk to hip hop, right up to this week’s chart pop. All music now is electronic music, it’s simply a question of to what degree. I was lucky enough…

  • I Lolled

    Sometimes… I forget how amazing the internet is. And then vids like this happen.