Trump’s Vision For Britain

I watch a US YouTuber called PotatoJet, he’s a video expert. He recently broke his arm skateboarding and he revealed the bill for it to be fixed: $44,000.

That’s £34,940.

That’s what we will be expected to pay if the Tories kill the NHS or hand it to Trump, as they’re planning to. If you can pay for health insurance, maybe you can lower that to six grand. Maybe.

Can you afford that? I know I can’t.

Labour Victory In Peterborough

(Source: BBC News)

This is a Labour win in a 61% Leave-voting area!

Since Labour won, this victory will *not* be attributed to Corbyn or Labour party policy / campaigning. If Labour had lost, we’d have no fucking end of ‘Corbyn must go!’ bullshit from the liberal and Tory press, from every anti-socialist source possible. They’d be crowing whereas now they’re silent.

Funny that, eh?

Dump Trump 4/6/2019

I just got back from the Dump Trump protest and I’m fucking knackered and falling asleep but I had to process and post these pics while they were still **now**, you know what I mean.

Dump Trump 2019-32

Already, I’ve seen complete bullshit in the bourgeois media, saying that only “hundreds” were protesting.

Were were there in our THOUSANDS not hundreds, the protest was calm and good -spirited. Here all my pics:

Dump Trump 4/6/2019

So, remember, if you want the truth about a protest, got to the people who were actually there!