IAAF Attacks Intersex Athletes

Caster Semenya has lost a landmark case against athletics’ governing body meaning it will be allowed to restrict testosterone levels in female runners.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) rejected the South African’s challenge against the IAAF’s new rules.

But Cas said it had “serious concerns as to the future practical application” of the new rules.

Semenya, 28, had said the regulations were “unfair” and that she wanted to “run naturally, the way I was born”. (Source: BBC News)

This is utter fucking bullshit and an act of barbarism against any athlete who is intersex or DSD. The IAAF *seriously* wants athletes to take un-natural hormones to counteract their NATURAL hormones? FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

As much as idiots want there to be a binary sex / gender division, the truth is that it is scientifically false.