Mute – A Visual Document

Look what arrived just now!

If, like me, your youth was basically formed by the label Mute, you’ll love this. Eschewing the wordy for a visual ramble, this is the Mute story in bold, stark images.

I’ve read many, many books about Depeche Mode, Mute Records and their hugely influential relationship with electronic music. Whether it’s avant-garde bleeping or the poppiest of pop songs, Mute has always unapologetically owned both. Feast your eyes:

Sooooo many seminal releases (hehehh) here and it’s magical to see how they came together to the version I have sitting somewhere in a dusty cupboard.

I can highly recommmend the Mute book, it’s a shade under thirty quid which is actually great value for such a high quality art book.

Buy it!

IAAF Spews More Hate

I am NOT SORRY to keep posting about this…
This person was born a woman, she identifies as a woman, she IS A WOMAN FFS!
If you’re a bloke and the IAAF measured your testosterone and said, ‘Good news, it’s low enough for you to compete as a woman!’ – how would you feel? Would it make sense to you or would you defend yourself and your identity?
This is what happens when you have religious / anti-science interpretations of gender and sex, you end up with ridiculous hatefests like the IAAF are promoting.
Well done, IAAF for making every single athlete’s life more difficult.

IAAF Attacks Intersex Athletes

Caster Semenya has lost a landmark case against athletics’ governing body meaning it will be allowed to restrict testosterone levels in female runners.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) rejected the South African’s challenge against the IAAF’s new rules.

But Cas said it had “serious concerns as to the future practical application” of the new rules.

Semenya, 28, had said the regulations were “unfair” and that she wanted to “run naturally, the way I was born”. (Source: BBC News)

This is utter fucking bullshit and an act of barbarism against any athlete who is intersex or DSD. The IAAF *seriously* wants athletes to take un-natural hormones to counteract their NATURAL hormones? FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

As much as idiots want there to be a binary sex / gender division, the truth is that it is scientifically false.