Year: 2019

  • I Miss My Dad

    Christmas and New Year can make us feel the loneliest a human can feel. If you’re out there reading this and feeling that, I understand, I’m with you. I get it. *hugs*

  • Top Albums Of The Decade Or Something

    Regular Bzangy readers, if there are any, will know that I was posting up a best album of the year list since waaay back when. I say was because my life and mental state for the last few years, since my Dad died, have conspired to make me not get this done. I realised this…

  • Poly Lols

    I love my friends. <3

  • My Very Short Review Of The Sony Xperia 5

    I had high hopes for this phone, I’m looking to replace my Samsung Note 10 Plus because the in-screen fingerprint sensor basically is shite. So, unboxed the Sony, lovely lovely, booted aaaaand… What a wonderful start! Okay… let’s reboot. Hmmm… seems a bit hot at the back. Ah, I’m sure it’ll be okay… …..aaaaand back…

  • Creepy Old Man

    That’s me when I was a kid. Around the time this pic was taken, my Mummy tried to have a birthday party for me and my schoolfriends. Bear in mind that both my parents were doctors so we lived in white neighbourhoods, upper working class ones as white middle and upper class people would not…

  • Fizzing

    So much has been happening to me. So much loveliness. I’m fizzing. Do you know those times when you are so terribly excited that you start to lose the ability to speak lucidly or slow down enough to be intelligible? Those times when all the tiny hairs on the back of your neck seem to…

  • The Fat Trekkies Guide To DST

    I’m a huge, fat Trekkie. I am not merely plump, I am massive. My weight wanders, as with a lot of very obese people but it’s always in excess of 350lbs / 25 stone / 159kg. I’ve loved Star Trek since I was a fat nipper and so I feel qualified to write this. Going…

  • Fucknut Winklechips

    Just got banned from a Berlin Models & Photographers group on FB I was hoping to find a nude model on for my visit to Germany in October. I checked all the rules and regs before I posted so I can only conclude that they kicked me for a surfeit of FUCK THE POLICE posts…

  • Carnival Row

    Carnival Row

    I wasn’t expecting much of Carnival Row. I put it on just to have something to watch while eating my tea. The foundations of my prejudice were twofold. First, that many Amazon Originals are as lethargic and under-edited as their Netflix cousins, second, the casting of Cara Delevingne. If that sounds mean, you’re misunderstanding. I…

  • Helping Google With Their Vids

  • Per Ardua Ad Astra

    From “aliens built the pyramids” types to moon landing conspiracists, there will always be people who deny humanity’s capacity for sheer, utter brilliance. Here’s to the humans that make the impossible happen and the ones who died trying. <3

  • Where Are My Games?

    I’m watching a YouTube vid previewing upcoming games for late 2019 / early 2020. And I’m bored. There’s a slew of FPSes, some open-world, some not. There are some RPGs, there are some top-down tactical hoo-has. And that’s it. It’s the blandest offering of blanditude I can remember in a good long time. There’s nothing…

  • Garden June 2019

    I love the way my garden changes all year round. There are always new plants, new wee beasties, new things to photograph. Who could get bored? Every trip out is a tiny safari.

  • Dinner With Simon And Andy

    What’s better than hanging out with Trekkies at DST? Meeting up with Trekkies when DST isn’t on to scoff food and have a long, long rambling natter! 🙂

  • Top Albums

    I arranged the above listpic at and it’s one of the easiest, most fun ways I’ve found of making an album list. Of course, the order of the albums is always changing is ones fall out of favour or I hear something new that has to be included. What are yours?

  • Trump’s Vision For Britain

    I watch a US YouTuber called PotatoJet, he’s a video expert. He recently broke his arm skateboarding and he revealed the bill for it to be fixed: $44,000. That’s £34,940. That’s what we will be expected to pay if the Tories kill the NHS or hand it to Trump, as they’re planning to. If you…

  • Naomi

    Being all lovely.

  • YouTube Profits From Fascism

  • USA Threatens Coup Against Corbyn