Day: March 22, 2018

  • Heaven 17

    One of the greatest ever pop bands, never given their just critical due thanks to the lazy macho rockism of the ‘80s inkies. They were sonic and political revolutionaries, as acidic as Gang Of Four but, you know, with proper singalong choruses. ???

  • Commie Shit

    dusky-sparrow : bzangy : (This post inspired by a recent @dusky-sparrow post) When I joined my first revolutionary party, I hadn’t read *any* Marx or Engels or Lenin or Trotsky. All I had was a burning rage and hatred of Tories. It was that party that gave me The State And Revolution, made me read it and then made…

  • Songwriter Shit

    It is so fucking hard to not think about someone when you’re tracking a song about them and have to sing lyrics that tear you up one hundred times in a row. Thank fuck I record myself. No way I could get this down otherwise. The mix is 95% done, hence having a tumblr break.…