Election 2017

Rob and Nat came over to hang out for ELECTION FEVER NIGHT. When we called it a night, it was with trepidation of what the morning would bring.

Well, JOY TO THE WORLD! Theresa May is FUCKED! It’s a hung parliament, she’s having to run round in dark corners making shady deals with extremist nutters the DUP.

Make no mistake this result is a victory for democratic socialism. Yes, an outright Labour majority is the dream but that was nigh-on impossible thanks to the vitriolic campaign the entire British media has carried out against Corbyn. Calumny upon calumny from the Sun and The Daily Mail on the right, to the lies of Laura Kuenssberg and the vacillations of supposed left-wing Guardian. When they weren’t inventing anti-Semitic scandals, they were repeatedly asking Labour MPs if he should resign.

The entire British mass media, every single part of it was anti-Corbyn.

Look at those fuckers now. Look at them bending over backwards to try to reconcile themselves with the fact that Corbyn is more popular than Blair ever was. Tens of thousands of young people have joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn’s leadership and this election consequently had a youth voter turnout of 70%.

Labour won CANTERBURY for fuck’s sake. CANTERBURY, previously solid Tory for 99 years! 

More than any other divisions, this was an election of old versus young, of hatred versus hope. This is what none of the old mass media have understood and this is also why they are so surprised that their predictions, which normally shape voting patterns, have been ignored. This election, more than even the Brexit referendum, has been influenced more by social media than old media.

I’ve been watching telly all morning and ever channel is basically old people (all the presenters) acting very surprised and wondering how this all happened when they were telling everyone what a liability Corbyn was. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE LISTEN? DAMN KIDS WITH THEIR POKEMONS AND THEIR SELFIES AND THEIR HIPPITY HOP.

If I had a penny for every time a political pundit has said ‘Corbyn has confounded expectations’… well, I’d be rich enough to vote Tory. Whose expectations? Not mine – I’ve been for Corbyn all along, all through the mud-slinging the Tories and their tame mass media engaged in.

I am so happy today. Next to an outright Labour win, this is the best result in decades. Jeremy Corbyn stands vindicated. He’s survived the Blairite scum, survived two years of media vilification and won 40% of the vote.

Not bad for a ‘liability’ leader, eh?