Weird Nosebleed


I slept fairly well last night, the usual cinematic dreams in Atmos with full sensesurround.

I woke up kind of with a start. I was lying on my back. Then I rotated and sat up, legs over the side of the bed.

Immediately, I felt water running down my face and chest. I looked down, it was water, it was blood sluicing out of my nose.

I rushed to the bathroom and looked at my face and chest, which were both very Carrie. Tearing up a bit of loo roll, I made a little nose-tampon. It went immediately crimson but staunched the flow.

I’m very puzzled by this nosebleed as:

1. I don’t really get nosebleeds.

2. It was really hosing out of there. Think when the psi kids attack people in The Fury


3. It must have started the instant I woke up. If it had started earlier, it would have overflowed my nostril / run down my throat. There was no blood on my sheets and I didn’t wake gargling haemoglobin so that didn’t happen. 

If I saw this in a film, I’d be watching, nodding and waiting for all shitting hell to break loose.

So…. where are you, aliens / mutants / psi kids?