Doctor Who – Hell Bent


I feel emotionally drained after that finale.

Heaven Sent was all Greg Egan-ish, just a mad, brooding, fantastic SF meditation on time and existence, reminded me hugely of the start ofPermutation City.

Hell Bent started off far more High Plains Drifter. The Doctor tramps across Gallifrey to his old home and almost has time for some tasty soup before staging a coup and ousting the entire ruling class.

These bits, I enjoyed but they didn’t touch my heart. They made me giggle, which is always good in Doctor Who.

No, it was the end of the pairing of the Doctor and Clara, that’s what did it. Let’s not forget that Clara was his Impossible Girl, a girl splintered throughout time and always, always saving the Doctor. They’ve been together far more than just the screen time they’ve shared recently.

The very first time I saw Jenna Coleman as Oswin Oswald, I guess I fell in love with her a little tiny bit. Yes, it’s that amazing face of hers, all eyes and monkeyish and nose and cute and STOP DOING THAT and here, this is my Tardis key, whatevs. Also, here’s my wallet. And my heart.

But it was obviously also the depth Coleman bought to that initial crazy Dalek and all the other Claras after that snared me. She did the very difficult thing of portraying a character who was superficially fluffy and soft but had a complex, steely inner core. This is an excellent complement to the Doctor who is so often proved to be the opposite.

When I realised that this was it, this was the last ep we’d see Clara… it did set me off. In so many ways she’s been the perfect companion – there’s been some flirtiness (well, with 11 before 12 went all stern and fatherly) but also a proper bf who was also an excellent character. She’s adventurous, hardly ever screams, seems to love diving into trouble (too much…) and doesn’t sound bad when she does have to do the obligatory “DOCTAAAAAH!” squawk. And she pushed, badgered, criticised and otherwise stood up to the Doctor, even when he was in mid pompous rant.

I know they’ve set Clara up nicely, I know she’s flying off in another stolen Tardis across time with Me, she’ll die but only when her heart beats again. I know they could have billions of years together.

But I’ll miss this little face:

Goodbye, Impossible Girl. *sniff*