Storage 24

Just started watching Storage 24 : 

And I was like… hold on, who is that handsome Irish fellow…


O’Donoghue was born and raised in Drogheda, County Louth, in a Roman Catholic family. He initially attended Dundalk Grammar School, and then The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. At age 16, O’Donoghue went to Paris, France, for a month to learn the French language. Colin’s early career was mainly split between theatre and television work in Ireland and the UK. In 2003, Colin won the Irish Film and Television Award for “Best New Talent” for his role as Norman in “Home For Christmas. (Source)

I didn’t even know he was Irish till now. It’s freaky hearing him use what must be close to his own accent, same as when I hear Saoirse Ronan with her normal accent.

Noel Clarke, I’m used to seeing him pop up in mad things. Like Who and Trek. DIAMOND GEEZER.


SHIT! Now Laura Haddock has turned up!

This is the only thing I’ve seen her in apart from Da Vinci’s Demons: 

Who else is gonna turn up??