Le Mystere De Voix Bulgares

I haven’t posted any Voix Bulgares for a while. And I do love them so! Their harmonies, their crazy interval leaping. The way the major sections break out like sunshine through clouds.

My parents always say they sound Indian but the truth is they sound Indo-European, which is hardly surprising considering they way language and culture ebbs and flows across Asia and Europe (or, as I call it, West Asia). The rhythmic bit at the end sounds so Indian my Dad always starts clapping along, bless him.

This next track is probably my favourite ever female lead vocal:

If I ever find a woman who loves this music as much as I do, I will propose. If they get it. If it makes their soul ache like mine does.

And now, I can’t leave this without the closest Brit equivalent I’ve ever heard:

4AD label-mates to Voix Bulgares, This Mortal Coil (which was basically a 4AD supergroup). Of course, SCOTTISH.

And now we’re back to TMC, we’re in firm goth territory and possible soundtrack music for your upcoming spoopy Halloween.