Krays Kraze

Just watched two ads on telly. The first was for the new Kray twins film starring Tom Hardy.

The second was for Jackpotjoy.

The ad stars Barbara Windsor who, in the sixties, was a big fan of the Krays:

Her first marriage was to small time crook Ronnie Knight, and through him, she became associated with the Krays, initially going out with the twins older brother Charlie (who she described as looking ‘a bit like Steve McQueen’), before sleeping with Reggie Kray. (Source)

So, nice juxtaposition there.

But even more so…

The music under the Babs advert is Spandau Ballet’s Gold. Two members of Spandau Ballet are Martin and Gary Kemp who have also done a bit of acting.

And guess who they played?

That’s right, the Kray twins.

Here’s the actual mobsters so you can decide for yourself who did it better:

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more weird advert coincidences, don’t you worry.