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The Communist side of Tumblr seems to be quite split. There are people defending the USSR and denouncing Trotskyists (I will admit, the USSR improved some aspects of life) and then there’s the other side of Trotskyists and some AnComs who are denouncing the USSR and such.

It would be interesting if this site ever got separated into political parties…

All actual Trotskyists would defend the old USSR in terms of its economy (everything is nationalised already, capitalists gone) but NOT in terms of political system. We would want a political revolution and true workers’ democracy, not the hideous oppression of Stalinism. The same would be true of any country that nominally was socialist: how much of the economy is nationalised? What’s the political structure? Is it actual workers’ power or a caste of party bureaucrats?

(Anarchists, of course, don’t see us Trots as being any better than Stalinists when it comes down to it – a quick reading up here: will give you just one reason why.)

In actual day-to-day, real political activity, the number of Stalinists you meet is tiny. They are a rump of scattered, theoretically-bankrupt sects carrying out exactly zero mass activity. In actual extreme left British politics, all the major parties are Trots and specific movements like Stop The War (which mobilised the largest ever protest in British history ) are all lead by Trots. And that’s been true since at least the ‘80s when it was The Militant Tendency making all the headlines.

Trotskyism, in theory and praxis is the living continuation of Bolshevism, not the aberration that is Stalinism.