Fantastic Four


So, I saw FF last night and I’m still really confused by it. It feels like it was pulling in two different directions. The first was towards the emotional realism of Trank’s awesome Chronicle and the second yer standard Marvel action film.

I re-watched Chronicle again this week before FF and I still love it and the end did make me blub again. It’s probably the most real, most accurate superpowers film we’ll ever get.

So, I love Trank, I don’t come to bury him. But FF wavered between heavy emotional scenes and clobbering time in a strange, lurching, unbalanced way.

And what was with the marginalisation of Sue?? She didn’t even get to fucking go to the other dimension, she just got wafted on when the capsule returned. WHAT?? This is less progressive than the previous films!

And then, as soon as they have the accident, Reed fucks off and we’re told ‘ONE YEAR LATER.’ WAT? One year has passed in which the remaining Okay Three have honed their powers and had great adventures and a load of stuff that might have been fun for us to watch? 

Look, I didn’t hate it. It was okay. But I remain nonplussed and bewildered by the whole thing. We know the central four can act but their characters remained very, very thin. I mean, why was Jamie Bell even there? He is such a great actor but he barely got to do anything. And for all the racists moaning about Torch being played by Jordan – don’t worry, it feels like he’s barely got three lines. And yet, he was beautiful in Chronicle even douchebag-fest That Awkward Moment.

ALSO – there was no Stan Lee cameo. And ALSO ALSO… there wasn’t an extra bit at the end of the credits!

YEP. We sat through till the very end, there was nothing. 

That last absence kind of sealed it for me in that it didn’t really feel like a Marvel film at all and it didn’t feel like the Fantastic Four either.




This just in from roving reporter tomewing :

It’s a Fox Studios film, not a Marvel Studios film, so no Stan Lee. In fact Marvel were so grumpy about it they cancelled the FF comic after 64 years and have removed the characters from most/all promo material!

Ahh, thank you! The whole thing just felt… not right! Like it was completely un-connected with the rest of the MCU films. But they could still have stuck an extra bit at the end, couldn’t they? Or do Marvel own doing that??