Wonder Woman

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When I saw the series as a kid, I loved it! There wasn’t that much powers stuff on telly so to get a major US series like this was sooo awesome. I cannot tell you how innocently excited I got every time she did her twirl, it was exactly the same excitement as first seeing Christopher Reeve’s Clark run into a phonebox.

Then puberty hit and I fell in lust with Lynda Carter. She absolutely slayed me.To some extent, I think she remains an ideal of womanhood to me now but not simply for her physical beauty but because her Wonder Woman has this incorruptible, pure thread of decency. Hers isn’t a postmodern superheroine, this isn’t Batman (well, post-Dark Knight Bats). How could I not love someone so beautiful inside and out?

Re-watching the show now, it’s easy to be cynical. And, yes, question a lot of the glaringly obvious male gaze framing and action sequences going on.

But Carter remains beautiful and strong and defiantly decent, even when she’s fighting Nazis. I love that about Carter’s Wonder Woman. And when she’s performing subservient, gender-hobbled roles (like Steve’s secretary), Carter makes it seem like Wonder Woman is actually in charge because, after all, Steve is only a poor human male and they are weak, fragile creatures.

I’ve loved many other Wonder Women since then, in comics and in animation. Each has their own idiosyncrasies and I love them all. But my Wonder Woman will always be Lynda Carter.