Apple Music Connect – A Muddled, Outrageous Cock-Up

So, since my NEW SINGLE is released today in iTunes, I thought I would try to connect (hurr) using the new Apple Music Connect service that Apple evangelised at WWDC. How about I upload a little text blurb and the video onto Connect? Should be easy! Right, let’s find my Artist bit in Safari on my Macbook Pro…

So… er… Can’t do anything on my Mac. Needs to be done on an iOS device. 


Okay, so how do I get this vid onto my iPad. I know, I’ll just sync it as a movie and yeaahhh!

Nope. It has to appear in the camera roll to be accessible by the Music app where Connect resides on iOS. 

Okay, so I’ll just AirDrop it across… soooo slowwwww… Finally done! Okay, now I can see it in the Music app. Upload, baby, c’mon!

iPad says: “Upload Failed.” No explanation, no help for the user, just falls over and lies there, dead.

I mean, why do I have to upload the whole vid in the first place? All I did to embed the YouTube vid above was paste in the URL. Apple, do you really want to duplicate so much data needlessly and use up your server space instead of just pointing at pre-existing files?

Okay, I’ll try it again. I’ve got all the time in the world to wait on Apple. I know, I’ll change my pic on the Connect profile thingy while I’m waiting for this to be done…


Ahh, I’m sure that was a glitch. I’ll try again. (Two more times, two more instant crashes.) Hmmm, the Music app seems to have legs made out of jelly and Pringles.


I went online to see if I was being a tool. This quote sums up my experience so far:

Connect is a social network that’s antisocial; it’s a tool for “connecting” that is disconnected from absolutely everything else – sometimes even within Apple’s own ecosystem. It seems to be mostly isolated even from the other apps on your iPhone, and only a fraction of its already-limited functionality is available on your Mac or PC.

When you do want to share, it’s a chore: iOS- (and GarageBand-)only, via a completely uninspired interface that covers only the most basic of functionality.

“Connect” is for connecting to fans, but apart from a comment or a ‘like,’ fans have very little control over even what they see on the service.

Most damning, apart from some comments or likes, you can’t really gauge how content was doing. There aren’t any additional statistics, for instance, that I could find, that would indicate how content shared is doing. (Source: Create Digital Music)

Thanks, Apple. I really didn’t think you could make something more useless than Ping or Games Centre or Genius but you’ve surpassed yourselves.

Dark Matter

So, I’m three eps into Dark Matter and it’s pretty good! It was a little clunky to start off with but I feel it’s finding its feet now.

I’m glad the memory thingy has been addressed so quickly and not dragged out for the whole series, that would have been painful. The cast are all fleshing out their characters superbly and it’s great to see Roger Cross from Continuumagain as he’s a superb actor who always hits every part of his performance flawlessly.

There are great possibilities here. Ragtag crew with internal contradictions, android who may or may not be trustworthy and all of this set in a rapacious universe where, if you’re not careful, some megacorp will buy your own plane our from under you.

I’m excited to see where it goes! 😀