Trisha Noble

So, it’s a Saturday so I’m obviously watching Columbo on Channel 5 and the ep is Playback. The baddie is a awesome Oskar Werner and this was probably the first time I saw him if I saw this when I was a kid, his Truffaut turns were unknown to me then.

In the gallery scene, I’m hypnotised by this beautiful actress:

Who is, apparently, Trisha Noble, an Aussie actress. BUT wait, she was also a singer and had many hit records, including two number ones in Australia. Here she is, looking very young:

What a beautiful voice! And she was only seventeen here, bless!

So, she was a successful pop poppet and eventually ended up doing telly and that eventually lead to this appearance in Danger Man in 1966:

She was also in Carry On Camping and I’m pretty sure I remember her fromBuck Rogers In The 25th Century when I was a nipper:

And then we’re up to where she appears in Columbo:

In 1975, Noble appeared in the Columbo episode “Playback”, where she meets the murderer (played by Oskar Werner) in an art gallery wearing a low-cut dress. She was cast by the director who had spotted her in a party wearing the same dress. (Source)

I’m completely unsurprised that director Bernard Kowalski was as beguiled by her beauty as I am. But, as pretty as she is, it’s her presence as an actress that is electric. Watching her in Columbo and the other titles I’ve managed to find, Noble is an accomplished and powerful actress, whether it’s bawdy comedy, McGoohan-style terse flippancy or the glorious kid-SF of Buck Rogers.

Oh, and she wasn’t done with major films yet. Here she is as Jobal Naberrie:

 Yep, that’s right ~ she’s Padme Amidala’s Mum. Which means that Trisha Noble is Luke and Leia’s Granny!

So, from teenage pop sensation to respected actress who is still now, at the age of 71, doing theatre.

Now that’s a life!