Gotham And Mr. J

Cameron Monaghan has already been in a load of series that I love; The Mentalist, Fringe, Numb3rs, Monk, Malcolm In The Middle.

But seeing him here portraying a young… you-know-who… well, he’s certainly got great things ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Gotham unbelievably gets better every episode, the writing is absolutely spot-on. The ensemble cast is spectacular, no weak links whatsoever. And the DC universe has a wonderful show here which is an open invitation to newbies, drawing them into decades of drama.

As a Marvel fan, I only wish there was something of this calibre for our universe – we’re owning the big screen at the moment but small screen we’re way behind. Daredevil is a step in the right direction but it’s Netflix-only at the mo and I doubt it’ll have the Marvel equivalent of the gamut of characters thatGotham fields.

Gotham – I have no idea what they’ll do next episode. And, in a world overflowing with painfully prurient procedurals, that’s why it’s brilliant telly.