Gotham And Mr. J

Cameron Monaghan has already been in a load of series that I love; The Mentalist, Fringe, Numb3rs, Monk, Malcolm In The Middle.

But seeing him here portraying a young… you-know-who… well, he’s certainly got great things ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Gotham unbelievably gets better every episode, the writing is absolutely spot-on. The ensemble cast is spectacular, no weak links whatsoever. And the DC universe has a wonderful show here which is an open invitation to newbies, drawing them into decades of drama.

As a Marvel fan, I only wish there was something of this calibre for our universe – we’re owning the big screen at the moment but small screen we’re way behind. Daredevil is a step in the right direction but it’s Netflix-only at the mo and I doubt it’ll have the Marvel equivalent of the gamut of characters thatGotham fields.

Gotham – I have no idea what they’ll do next episode. And, in a world overflowing with painfully prurient procedurals, that’s why it’s brilliant telly.

Capitalism Is Not Your Friend, Part Whatever


A drugs firm has been accused of trying to block access to what some doctors believe is a cheap, safe and effective drug to treat a common eye condition.

The British Medical Journal claims it has revealed a campaign to derail research into the cancer drug Avastin. (Source: BBC)

The profit motive is incompatible with human happiness, health and civilisation in general.

All it cares about is maximising profits. If that comes at the cost of leaving thousands or millions in misery, well, hey, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette!

Capital promotes oligopoly and, where it can, monopoly. Corporations routinely mislead stockholders, government, consumers and the public at large in their search for that extra penny of profit.

Pharmaceutical companies aren’t any more evil than the other corporations, it’s simply that their callous disregard for human lives is part of their business model. It’s been reported again and again.

Let’s bring it all down. Now.

Fucking Asda


I was alright in Mosh
Not happy because it was pretty shite
Swamped by Scream blokes doing comedy moshing
But alright.

I was alright driving driving home
Didn’t miss you one fucking bit
Didn’t even think about you
That’s how over you I am
And how much I don’t care about you.

And then I got to fucking Asda.

Every aisle was a gut punch
Every aisle I could remember you running about,
Gleefully disparaging JML merchandise,
Cooing at kids’ cute duvet covers,
Trying to find films you’d not seen before
An impossible task.

The weight of your absence
Fell on me from five miles up
And I was ridiculous
A lonely man walking round Asda
With a basket full of junk food
And a heart empty of hope.

Once your ghost had risen
She came with me to the car
And sang along to Fall Out Boy
While she danced round in her seat
Doing those crazy arm moves
Nobody does.
Nobody, you idiot.

I imagined what we’d be talking about
I imagined you not waiting to get home to eat
And snaffling the chocs as soon as you could
No patience, that’s your problem
No wonder I dislike you so much

So now what?
Do I never go to Asda at 2.30am again?
I mean, I can’t avoid everywhere we ever went
Can I?
That’s just fucking stupid.

I almost bought some stupid fruit
Hairy, wizened, delights
From far-off lands
But I’m glad I didn’t.
Eating it on my own would have been weird.

I miss you.