Straight Bloke Groping

After reblogging a post about the homophobia of straight men, it reminded me of last night which was spoilt, yet again, by straight blokes. Mostly, it was them perving on my girl mates. They do this thing where they pretend they know me, to try and get in with my mate(s). It’s pitiful, they are such dregs.

And the other thing: the touching. Why is it that men I do not know insist on touching / fondling me in that HILARIOUS “hey, look, I’m gay, isn’t this just sooooo amazingly humorous” way?

I don’t know you, I don’t want you feeling my balls or tweaking my nipples or trying to fucking kiss me.

And then they turn round and come out with some homophobic bullshit about an actual gay couple on the dancefloor.

My brain is fucking melting from the stupidity it has to witness.