Pop Punk Moment

I had a beautiful moment to this song last night…

I’m quite used to being the only non-white person at alt clubnights. Whether it’s indiepop, pop punk, hxc or whatever, these are mainly white, middle-class scenes. Well, you can tell that if you look at my clubbing pics.

Last night this State Champs song came on in the Basement at Rock City, around 4.15am and I saw a small black girl singing along to all the lyrics.

This made me insanely happy so I kind of pointed at her and started singing along too. I know, corny but I just wanted to connect.

So, we sang the song to each other, dancing all the time and then high-fived at the end before she left.

It was such a lovely little moment and sooo nice to be loving a pop punk tune with another non-white person, to feel a little less weird and out-of-place.

My dream would be to see a black or Asian woman at a straight-edge gig but that really would be asking for the moon on a stick.