Terror In Resonance


Soooo hooked on Terror In Resonance… got to be one of my fave animes in years, perhaps even more than Parasyte or Tokyo Ghoul.

There’s a moral ambiugity here that reminds me of Continuum and that’s lovely to see in mainstream anime.

Also, every episode feels like a full-blown film, the backgrounds, the character animation, the integration of CGI-modelled and human-drawn elements. And the soundtrack by Yoko Kanno perfectly matches and heightens the drama, she never intrudes, always enhances.

Amongst my mates, there’s a divide. Some only watch serial anime, some only watch feature-length films. Anything less than Tekkonkinkreet or Paprika, they turn their noses up at. If you’re in that camp, give Terror In Resonance a go, I think you’ll like it. You’ll feel at home in its cinematic sumptuousness.