When I’m IGing or Tumbling, it’s fun, easy and I appreciate what I see.

If I meet someone cool out clubbing, I’ll give them my IG because then we can interact but at a distance. I mean, they might be a nutter. They might be a Tory. And so they don’t know all my personal bullshit like it used to be on FB, adding randoms.

More importantly, unless they post up screencaps, I don’t see weird Daily Mail posts like I used to on FB. The people I add generally post up selfies, cat pics, pics of their food or perhaps holidays. The minutiae of everyday life that I find fascinating.

On Tumblr, if someone posts a lot of stuff that I find too snarky / prejudiced / annoying, I’ll simply unfollow them. It’s not a big deal and it doesn’t mean I hate them or we’re now in a Sicilian vendetta like it used to when deleting people on FB.

With celebrities, like markruffalo , I find both IG and Tumblr to be easy, enjoyable parasocial engagement. It doesn’t feel as stalky as Twitter or FB fan pages. There is at least the illusion of equality which is very rare. And I can reblog his posts about fracking or going to the Oscars and it feels okay. I know we’re not really friends but it’s a nifty direct line to A Famous Person.

The behemoth of FB staggers on but it’s all pure momentum now; most people I know who are on it do not like being on it. They’re twitchy, given the slightest opportunity to jump ship, they will. They just can’t.

So, the next social thing?

I think it’ll be something easy and… FUN. Once a social website becomes a duty, becomes something you have to have just because, well, it’s dead. I think there’s a space forming for something that preserves anoymity as both IG and Tumblr do but is also open to forging deeper social contact, as both also enable.

I get so much great info from Tumblr, I’ve learned so much about transpeople’s issues that I was ignorant of before and I will use that to check my cis privilege. The people I follow post up stupid things that make me giggle and news stories that make me cry. They post news I cannot find elsewhere on the net, thus my Tumblr has become the perfectly personalised news source that Microsoft, Google et al have been trying to crack for ages. And Tumblr have done it by accident!

Obviously, everything is flux. Tumblr might be gone in a year, IG may have collapsed. Excluding sleepy villages like and Flickr, the social web moves pretty fast.

I’m quite excited to see what’s next.