Jaffa Cakes

Look at this thread.

I’ve noticed this recently. The McVities jaffa cakes are rank now; they seem smaller overall and the orangey bit is pathetically tiny. Also, the base is all bleurgh and squishy. The base of the Sainsbury’s Basics jaffa cake is crisp and then soft inside, like a jaffa cake is meant to be.

The test of a pukka jaffa, which I’ve been carrying out weekly since I was around five, is how easily the biscuit bears up to being disassembled. Piggling the choc off the top and then separating the organgey bit from the sponge… mmm…

The Sainsbury’s Basic biccie passes the test easily. But, though it’s possible with the McVities, it just make me angry and question all of existence when I get to the tiny orange bit.