Day: December 11, 2014

  • USA State Of Torture And Terror, World Does Not Care

    Imagine if a news story broke that North Korea had a huge network of secret bases all around the world. And that they were kidnapping innocent people to these bases, some of them children and then torturing them there. Wouldn’t it seem like fantasy? Some bizarre spy film bullshit? If the story was proved true,…

  • On The US, Bonapartism, Fascism, Revolution

    femmeviva replied to your post “Fuck, they waterboarded one man 183 times. 183 times. And left…” Yes it is. Our president has had emergency powers since the end of the war, and we didn’t let the Jews land their boat during the war. Kind of late, but yes, the government which I live under is…

  • Time Lapse (2014)

    Saw Time Lapse last week – wonderful film about time travel, paranoia, jealousy, free will, money, morality. It’s one of my fave films of 2014! No spoilers here but I recommend it if you like quirky, tense dramas where SF is used to expose the human condition.