Grand Jury Whitewashes Murder Of Mike Brown


The bourgeois press reporting of the Grand Jury’s endorsement of racist murderer Darren Wilson is beyond belief. I expected (Fox)Newsbeat to be bad but they outdid even their craven standards. The uninformed listener would assume it’s just some rioting and looting after a black criminal was sadly killed by a white police officer. NONE of the facts about the case or protests since have been presented. NOTHING about the eye witness reports that contradict the police record. NOTHING about the KKK lining up, shoulder to fucking shoulder with the police and Wilson supporters.

The same on the BBC webpages. Biased, truthless reporting that serves only one agenda: to teach black people in America that their lives are worth nothing in the eyes of the state. 

No justice for Mike Brown, a kid killed for no reason other than the colour of his skin.

No justice. 

I’ve been doing angry crying, I feel just so fucking outraged for Mike Brown and his family. And for how this sends a signal to white cops to keep on murdering black kids, nothing will happen to you.

I’m also selfishly angry because this reminds me of every time I was beaten up and called paki, wog, nigger and coon when I was a kid (yeah, even though I’m Indian, racists aren’t too clever). It reminds me of every time a fucking copper pulled me over when I was driving for no  reason than to fuck with me and assert their authority. Of the times I phoned up for a flat when I was first leaving home and as soon as they heard my non-white name, the flat was gone. But when I’d get white friends to check, hey, it was magically available.

Thank fuck I joined a Trotskyist party when I was a kid. Thank fuck I had to read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Kollontai, Grant. Because they helped me puzzle out racism and fascism, what they are and how to fight them. Instead of becoming racist in my turn and futiley and stupidly hating white people, I know who the real criminals are.

I know there’s a lot of other angry people out there and, like Johnny once said, anger is an energy.

Time to take our anger and put it to use. Agitate, educate, organise.

Fuck capitalism, fuck the bourgeois media and fuck the police.