Film Feels

So, I was going to post a load of Powell & Pressburger films up, giffing them or whatever. But I got stuck at A Canterbury Tale because the film has such an emotional effect on me. 

It’s of an England I never experienced as I hadn’t been born (in India) yet. But there are so many things in it that make me nostalgic for this time I never lived through. 

There’s a scene where they’re in Canterbury proper and they drive down a busy street, on the left of the frame is a Boots sign. Just seeing that sign takes me back to being a little kid. 

And the bits of strange romance between Thomas and Alison are so, sweet, so like real romance that they make my heart flutter. Whenever I see romance in TV/films, it never feels real to me, it never has the right mix of ambiguity, risk, strangeness and sheer weirdness that those sweet moments with someone do. ACT nails that. Boy, does it. 

I just watched a bit now, here: 

And I had to stop as I know I’d just start weeping. 

Honestly, I have no idea why. Some art seems to just set me off like that, there is no rational explanation for it. The same happened when I saw Pollock’s Summertime: Number 9A in the Tate Modern for the first time. Fuck knows what’s going on. 

I swear, if I ever find a woman who feels the same about A Canterbury Tale as I do, I will probably propose on the spot.