Major Crimes

I loved The Closer. It was brilliant in every dimension. I was worried that Major Crimes would be a dilution, an over-extension.


My dash is full of so much telly that’s, frankly, not that great. A lot of that is driven by the fact the stars are sexy, young things. Fair enough, there’s a place for boybands, there’s a place for YA telly with outrageously beautiful casts, simplistic characterisation, shonky dialogue and glaring potholes.


There’s also a place for TV drama that can move effortlessly between farce and tragedy, for acting that’s on a par with anything on the big screen and for tight plots, 3D characters and realistic continuity.

All of that, Major Crimes has. In fact, it’s got so much of it, it should really play fair and share with lesser shows. It makes emotional sense, it doesn’t throw characters under the bus for the sake of an individual ep. In fact, characters grow and change, believably. If you look at the character arcs of Sykes or Rusty or Felix or Sharon or… well, any of them. It’s beautiful. It’s real.

But my favourite thing? 

That’s to watch a show where the major concern of each ep is not who’s fucking / fucked who and what will x do when they find out, ohmygosh. And, unlike most other cop shows, the villains in Major Crimes aren’t CRAZY MUSLAMIC TERRISTS. So fucking bored of that shit now.

If you haven’t watched any Closer or Major Crimes, you can start with either series, they’re both brilliant. They have expert, steel-sharp casts who mesh perfectly as ensembles.

Give them a go but with this warning: you will have to engage your brain, unlike most telly.