White Town – I Wanna Be Your Ex

Yaaaay! Above you can see my NEW SINGLE!

It’s called ‘I Wanna Be Your Ex’ and it’s now available for download from

iTunes US
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The song is, as ever, about more than one thing. A lot of it is about my frustration with conventional relationships, both sexual and non-sexual and how annoyed I am by the compartmentalisation of feelings expected therein.

It’s also about kissing. And the memory of wrapping one particular person up in a big fluffy towel as she stood naked, wet and beautiful.

Hope you enjoy it! 😀

Lee Thompson Young

I only just found out that Lee Thompson Young, pictured above, committed suicide last August.

I was watching the season 5 premiere of Rizzoli & Isles and when they had the scene at the end where Frost dies in the crash, I thought ‘That’s a shame, he must have got a better offer or a film or something.’

Googled him and no.

His family have set up a foundation to help combat the stigma around mental illness: Lee Thompson Young Foundation

That’s partly why I’m posting this but also because I was genuinely looking forward to seeing Frost again. Young made him real for me, he was a fine actor. He did the same in Smallville, Terminator SCC, Flash Forward, The Event and everything I remember seeing him in. 

Only 29. Fuck.