Falling Skies

Falling Skies Season 4 cements this series’ position as one of my favourite ever SF TV series. Beautifully written and acted, FS has always maintained the right mixture of drama, romance, mystery and, of course, massive alien spaceships and ravenous bugbeasts.

It’s also refreshing as so many SF series are now aimed very firmly at the teen market to have one that is unashamedly aimed at adult viewers. There are no corny ‘TWO GORGEOUS ALIEN BOYS WITH RIPPLING ABS, FIGHTING OVER LIL OLE ME??’ moments, no easy moral certitude or monolithic characters.

The character arcs over four seasons have been realistic and rewarding. The relationship between Weaver and Tom Mason is so nuanced ~ you know, like real humans do. Similarly, the family dynamic of the Masons has never been a cardboard cutout. Other series could learn a thing or tow here… >_>

If you haven’t ever watched Falling Skies and you’re a fan of SF like Firefly, Battlestar, Caprica, Terminator: SCC and Continuum, check it out.

I think you’ll like it.