Police Let Murderers Roam Free, Spy On Families Of Victims Instead

A mother campaigning for an inquiry into her son’s death in 1997 says she has been told she was spied on by undercover Scotland Yard officers.

Student Ricky Reel was 20 when he vanished during a night out in London, shortly after he and his friends had been racially abused by two white men.

His body was found in the River Thames.

The man tasked with investigating undercover policing did not name specific families but criticised the “routine gathering” of information.

Mr Reel’s mother, Sukhdev, said she had been informed that officers gathered intelligence on her in 1998 and 1999

If you’re non-white in the UK, you can be murdered by racists, have the investigation botched and then have the very police who were meant to help you spy on you instead.

This is what is meant by white privilege: if you’re white, that won’t happen because the police force aren’t institutionally racist against whites.

Scotland Yard’s black and Asian policeofficers have made a dramatic intervention on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence‘s death by declaring that the Met is still institutionally racist.

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (BPA), the biggest group representing minority officers in the force, says despite the training and community initiatives put in place over the past two decades, Scotland Yard has failed to tackle the mindset at the heart of failures over Lawrence.(Source: http://gu.com/p/3fa58)

I’m male, I’m middle-class. But I’m an Indian man living in the UK.

Therefore, I am and will always be treated as a second-class citizen. 

If I get racially harassed, when I report it, the police won’t investigate. If I get murdered by racists, the police won’t be motivated to catch the killers because they very probably agree with them.

Again, this is what is meant by white privilege. Not petty shit about what food you eat or a harmless white hippy girl with a bindi on.

While ultra-left SJWs squabble over irrelevancies and what fucking words people use, non-white people in Britain still live in a fundamentally racist society which doesn’t value our lives let alone our human rights.