Prurience, Puritanism And Religious Perversion Of The Natural

I don’t post nudity on my main Tumblr, not because I’m a prude or disapprove of nudes on political grounds but because I keep it SFW. I have another Tumblr which is only for nudes.

It occurred to me earlier, as I was posting a breathtaking nude to that blog that there are people out there, mostly followers of one of the Abrahamic faiths, that would see the picture I was reblogging completely differently from me. 

Where I see a beautiful young woman, radiant, pure, alive and vital, they would see sin and sex, vice and filth. They would think this picture is a “dirty picture.” As if anything about the natural human body could be dirty, could be inherently corrupting. 

What kind of God would create bodies that are inherently obscene or wrong? 

Moreover, I don’t reblog these nudes to build up some kind of wank bank, I reblog them because they’re beautiful to me, they transcend the quotidian. But even if I was masturbating over them, there’s nothing evil there. Most women and men enjoy masturbation and it’s a natural part of our sexualities.

This is another reason I’m very happy to not be religious ~ the way that most modern religions twist their followers’ view of the human body and natural sexual drives is truly horrific. 

Where they see corruption, I see beauty. Where they see sin, I see innocence. 

What a terrible world they live in.