Coughes And Sneezes ~ A Pixar Movie Idea

I want a new Pixar film that is like an updated Osmosis Jones. But in this one, the hero is tomboy bacterium Steph Aureus. Her best friend, Eric Coli has been kidnapped by a demented scientist, Penny Cillin and to rescue him, lil Steph has to traverse the guts of a teen girl, Annie Host, who is having parallel relationship issues.

On the way, she has to negotiate the domains of commensal but grouchy bacteria like Claus Difficile, a bunch of kerrazy nematodes (giants, to her, like sandworms) and break bacteria taboos and become friends with Pandora, the biggest virus.

This movie shall be called:


Pixar, if you make this, I will give you all my money. ??