I’m Still Waiting For The First Social DSLR

Above is a discussion I had with my mate Dan Foy about connectedness and photography. A few months ago, I’d had a rant at him saying, basically, that we were undergoing the biggest explosion in photography since the Box Brownie. His job often involves selling phone tech and I pointed out the first question most people want to know about their prospective purchase is how good the camera is. Everyone assumes that call quality and texting utility are givens, therefore phones compete on imaging.

The Gizmodo post Dan linked to agrees with my wide-eyed, utopian perspective and backs it up with actual data. DSLR sales have actually increased as people move from smartphones to more versatile (not better!) tools. It’s the middle ground, the bleahhh £300 point-and-shoots that have suffered. Why bother when modern cameraphones will do all that *and* offer instant upload to everywhere social?

However, I stand by my last point in the above screengrab: I am amazed that Nikon and Canon haven’t brought out a truly social DSLR yet. By which I mean a camera with a a one-button 3 or 4G upload to the net. In the absence of ubiquitous, free wi-fi, phone networks are still the best option for the social photographer. Tethering is too many steps, stick a SIM slot in your camera, please, manufacturers. Better still, have the foresight that Amazon did with their 3G Kindles and make it always on, always free at point of purchase and worldwide. The money you pay for pics (which you can limit to being lower-res) will be offset by the free promotion your product will get as great pics swamp the picture hubs.

Whichever one of you negotiates a deal with Instagram or Facebook first, you’ll kill it.

Oh! And while I’m here, another rant: any nightclub / cafe / restaurant / pub or other social site that doesn’t have free, non-registration wi-fi in 2013 is an idiot. You’re missing out on *free promotion* as people check-in, take selfies, take pics of your food / dancefloor / pints and otherwise create ad-hoc, organic advertising for your business.

But, no, you save that fifty quid a month and stay happy living in the 20th century.