Emowalking With Chris

Emowalking with Chris tonight and he gave me a funny look and said,

“Texted you last night, dude, see what you were doing…?”

“Ah, yeah, soz man, I was emowalking with Ben” I replied.

“Ben! That motherfuckers sooo emo!”

“Dude, you’re calling *him* emo? Who wrote ‘So I’ll go walking in the streets until my heels bleed?’

He did his crazy, high-pitched giggle and said, “Busted! Hey, dude, do you think they’ll play any of my songs at Mosh tonight?”

Trying not to disappoint him, I said, “Maybe ‘At Your Funeral,’ like, near the end?”

He did a little sigh at this and then looked a bit wistful. I asked, “What’s up?”

“Can’t believe he was with Zooey. Mother-FUCKER!”

“Yeah, innit?”

Ironically, no bats tonight.