Pinterest Censorship

I don’t post anything sexually explicit – I post female nudes.

Pinterest are implying there’s something sinful or corrupting about the nude female form. By association, they are saying it should be hidden or seen as something shameful. Or, worse, only seen in a sexual context.

Click here to see my board of nudes.

Here are some examples of the sinful images on that board:

Wow, horrible, eh? No doubt you’ve been morally corrupted just by seeing those thumbnails. I suggest you might want to wash your eyes with holy water.

I’ll keep posting until they delete my board. What makes me more annoyed is that someone must have reported a pin or the board. Probably some nutjob god-botherer, imposing their warped, misogynistic morality on the internet as whole.

Yeah, good luck with that.


Well, the motherfuckers have deleted my entire board. All the images I’d collated that inspired me to make my first nude book, all gone. 🙁