Month: January 2013

  • Wilbur!

    On Tuesday night, the snow cancelled our BSL lesson so Nat and I went to visit her sis, Amy and her new baby, WILBUR! Wilbur is a pug puppy. But he’s more than that: he’s a little gentleman, he’s a fat little sausage, he’s a bitey gremlin, he’s a moon-eyed cherub. I totally fell in…

  • More Paris Pics

    Ahh, I miss it so much!

  • Why I Hate The Tories

    When I was a kid, there weren’t beggars on the corner of streets in Derby. There were a few career tramps, but you didn’t see the young homeless like you do now. They appeared courtesy of Margaret Thatcher and her rapacious attacks against the unions, welfare, youth rights and just about every aspect of caring,…

  • Snowy Elvaston With Nat

    I really, really hate snow. I stumble, I slip, I skid and, eventually, I fall over. This isn’t a comedy fall. It’s more like when a redwood topples. There’s a massive CRUMP as I hit the ground, birds alight from trees for several miles, crocodiles return to the water. It’s that kind of thing. But…

  • Mosh New Year’s Eve & City 6/1/13

    Mosh New Year’s Eve & City 6/1/13, a set on Flickr.

  • Nat Waterfall

    Some more pics from just before Crimbo, hence all the decorations. 😀

  • Why I Love Paris

    Last Friday, I played one of the best gigs I’ve ever played. I was in Paris, I’d gone there with my soundman Rich to play a couple of gigs to launch a 7” single issued by Another Sunny Night and Hands And Arms. It’s the first vinyl I’ve had out in years so I’m unreasonably…

  • Yes