Derby Zombiewalk 2012

On Saturday, I took pics of the 2012 Derby Zombiewalk which consisted of a load of rotting, shuffling, lurching, gurgling people of the undead persuasion roaming through Derby, devouring hapless passers-by. It was brilliant!

Derby Zombie Walk 2012 - 21

We assembled in the Market Place before stumbling down Sadler Gate, back through the Corn Market and then up past the ram statue before returning to the Market Place. Sadly, we didn’t get to terrify the occupants of the Westfield which is a real shame because, as everyone knows, zombies love shopping malls.

As we ambled, bones snapping, past Quad, we bumped into a wedding. Surely this is the best wedding photo ever:

Derby Zombie Walk 2012 - 40

The vibe on the day was beautiful, the non-zombies we passed were taking pics or often joining in for a bit. OR FOREVER IF THEY HAD BEEN BITTEN. RARRGHH!

This couple won two of the best costume prizes:

Derby Zombie Walk 2012 - 42

I mean, how fucking awesome is that makeup? Worthy of any zombie film or Walking Dead.