HDIF DJing Playlist, 17/11/12

18/11/2012 00:40

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of DJing at the almighty HDIF!

And, my god, it was rammed! Probably the fullest I’ve done yet, which is encouraging. So many people were asking what tune I was playing, I love that because the whole reason I DJ is to introduce new music! Made me feel all warm and kitteny inside. I did play shitloads of old stuff but managed squeeze in quite a few 2012 newbies, Holograms and Kindness went down very well!

Here’s what I played:

le Page – Bubble Bubble

YOU ! – Heart

boo radleys – Lazy Day

mylittlepony – Capital Of Norway

about the girl – Tiger Evolution

Even as We Speak – Falling Down The Stairs

Allo Darlin’ – Northern Lights

The Lucksmiths – Camera-Shy

Diamond Rings – Wait And See

Beat Happening – Hot Chocolate Boy

My Bloody Valentine – Thorn

Dinosaur Jr. – Freak Scene

Belle and Sebastian – Funny Little Frog

Crystal Stilts – Half a Moon

The Magnetic Fields – Famous

Holograms – Astray

Spearmint – sweeping the nation

Cure – In Between Days

Kindness – Gee Up

Chromeo – Call Me Up

Stevie Wonder – I Wish

The Hidden Cameras – Ban Marriage

Comet Gain – Yoona Baines

The Orchids – Bemused Confused and Bedraggled

Echo And The Bunnymen – Rescue

The Legends – Call it ours

The Buzzcocks – Love You More

Ben Folds Five – Army

Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds (new)

Teenage Fanclub – God Knows It’s True

The Brilliant Corners – Brian Rix

The Lemonheads – If I could talk I’d tell you

A Poem With Harvard Referencing But Lacking Bibliography / Grace

This arrived! ???

Your name has power (Bourdieu and Passeron, 1977 [1970])
When I see it pop up on my newsfeed
When it isn’t even you
My heart collapses (Schwarzschild, 1916)
Grabs hard in my flesh
A wave of cold / heat / cold
Damns me, guilty
Everything shivers

When you text me, everything stops
Stops stopped and shot
I get the passcode wrong
Once, twice, careful now (Aunger, 2004)
Sometimes I don’t rush
Because I know a no,
No, none taken, smiley returned
The osmotic gradient is overpowering
In terms of emoticons
And emotions
No wonder nothing lives here (Levison, 2008).

Even fragments of your name mean too much
If I see them unexpectedly
If I’m not prepared to lie
And cheat and steal and murder (Foucault, 1954)
And set fire to every truth I’ve ever professed to know
Because of the way your fucking face
Turns the world upside down (Bakhtin, 1968)
If I had Ray Milland’s guts
I could solve the sight, find joy (Barthes, 1975)
But I remain a coward, disgusting,
Outcast, filthy with love, rotten (Hebdige, 1979).

On the train home,
I was free.
Just for a second
And it was glorious
I was in sunlight (Burawoy, 2003)
In Paris and San Fransico and New York
Because I’d been in London
And she had kissed me, touched me, loved me.
When she threaded her fingers through mine
And pressed her body against me (Reich, 1927)
It felt good to not be ugly
Fuck, it felt good.

Just for a second
I wondered if I was actually mad
At all (Foucault, 1961)?

In conclusion,
This is an area that would benefit greatly
From further research (Mishra, 2012).

Derby Zombiewalk 2012

On Saturday, I took pics of the 2012 Derby Zombiewalk which consisted of a load of rotting, shuffling, lurching, gurgling people of the undead persuasion roaming through Derby, devouring hapless passers-by. It was brilliant!

Derby Zombie Walk 2012 - 21

We assembled in the Market Place before stumbling down Sadler Gate, back through the Corn Market and then up past the ram statue before returning to the Market Place. Sadly, we didn’t get to terrify the occupants of the Westfield which is a real shame because, as everyone knows, zombies love shopping malls.

As we ambled, bones snapping, past Quad, we bumped into a wedding. Surely this is the best wedding photo ever:

Derby Zombie Walk 2012 - 40

The vibe on the day was beautiful, the non-zombies we passed were taking pics or often joining in for a bit. OR FOREVER IF THEY HAD BEEN BITTEN. RARRGHH!

This couple won two of the best costume prizes:

Derby Zombie Walk 2012 - 42

I mean, how fucking awesome is that makeup? Worthy of any zombie film or Walking Dead.



Nat 650D Test Shots

Nat got her new 650D this week and brought it round so I could have a play with it. I’m very impressed with the functionality – auto-focus in video mode, built-in remote flash triggering, there’s a lot of power in this little beast!

Click the pic for some test shots of the proud owner! 😀