Month: September 2012

  • Infected By The Story So Far

    This was a slow-burner of an infection, with an incubation time of months. Sneaky TSSF! At the start of the year, I bought The Story So Far’s album, ‘Under Soil And Dirt’ from Emusic. It came out in 2011 and I’d seen a couple of good reviews, plus mates who always have good ears were…

  • Nat In The Room

    Yesterday, Nat and I did a shoot in the room she helped me decorate recently. I’ve deliberately kept it bare and clutter-free as I want a different space as a background for photos. I think the colours she chose work wonderfully for photos. If you notice weird, dark fringing, it’s because I used ring flash.…

  • Derby Festé 2012

    Last week was Derby Festé 2012. I missed the events on Thursday and Friday but I managed to catch the daytime stuff on the Saturday. I was with my friend Emily and we had a lovely time, wandering round the various attractions. First up was the gentleman above, ALBOT. I thought it was a bloke…

  • Toppy Trees

    Click the pic to see some more of Toppy being all dark, lovely and enigmatic. 🙂

  • Mosh & City 10-23/9/12

    Mosh & City 10-23/9/12, a set on Flickr.

  • London With Nat: Dungeons, Sealife, Blood Brothers, Hangover Lounge, Horrendous Fear

    Nat and I caught the 9am train to London. We knew we had a lot to pack in but we had the freedom that the only timetabled event was the gig we were doing for the marvellous Hangover Lounge peeps on Sunday. After a lucky early check-in at the hotel, we headed to the London…

  • Jessi Lights

    Some more pics from my recent shoot with Jessi! Hopefully, new shoots soon. Click the pic for more. 😀

  • Mosh & City 3-9/9/12

    Mosh & City 3-9/9/12, a set on Flickr.


    A lol I made earlier using the POWER OF THE INTERNET. If you get this and you’re a woman, I may be interested in marrying you.

  • Cara Wood

    Not her last name but where we did these shots. 🙂 Click the pic for more!

  • Jessi First Shoot

    A couple of weeks ago, I managed to finally get a shoot with Jessi. A first shoot is always a bit difficult: you don’t know each other, it can be a bit awkard. Usually, I regard them as warm-up shoots and know that we’ll get to the good stuff on the second or third meeting.…

  • Mosh 27/8/12 – 1/9/12

    Mosh 27/8/12 – 1/9/12, a set on Flickr.