Month: August 2012

  • Apple Putting the MESS in iMESSage

    Firstly, a declaration of bias: I am an Apple fanboy. My home contains three Mac Pros (from G5 to 12-core Xeon), a Macbook Air, iPhone and iPad. So, I think it’s fair to say that I’m not a Windows enthusiast setting out to bury Apple. What I want to know is this – who the…

  • Carsington With Nat

    Nat and I have been meaning to go to Carsington for… well, at least a year now! But every time we’ve tried it’s rained or been shut or Godzilla has been stomping through Hullan Ward, the usual shit. Well, last Monday, WE MADE IT! Lovely day ambling and I grabbed some pics too. Click the…

  • Mosh & City 20-26/8/12

    Mosh & City 20-26/8/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Cara First Shoot

    Last Thursday, finally managed to get a day with Cara to snap some pics. Here’s the first few from that day, click on the pic above to see them big. More soon! 😀

  • Gemma Bed

    Gemma and I actually did this set waaay back in March but we delayed putting them up until now. Though there’s no nudity, they’re a little saucy (I guess) so that’s a big step for any woman, to offer yourself up to ogling/judgment is a terrifically brave thing to do. I think she looks beautiful.…

  • Mosh & City 6-12/8/12

    Mosh & City 6-12/8/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Amy

    I haven’t seen Amy for aaaages so I was so chuffed we could meet up this afternoon and even grab a few pics. It was so much fun chatting with her again! 🙂 Click the pic above for more of her being all gorgeous and whatnot.

  • White Town – How Love Feels

    Here’s a new pop video! It’s for the song ‘How Love Feels’ off my current album, ‘Monopole.’ You can buy it on iTunes here or the CD here. The vid stars White Town backing vocalist Natalie Alice Barratt and she’s done a wonderful job, she’s a great actress. Even to the point of falling over…

  • 5Dmk3 Test Nightshots

    Well, I bit the bullet and upgraded from my trusty mk2 to a mk3 and… I love it! The autofocus is loads better and the low-light capability builds on the already wonderful mk2 to awesome effect. I managed to rope the very patient Nat into doing some nightshots with me as a test. The night…

  • Mosh & City 30/7/12 – 5/8/12

    Mosh & City 30/7/12 – 5/8/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Kill People You Like Fanzine

    Just got this yesterday and it’s a great read! There’s a White Town interview and it also comes with a comp CD (including my track ‘She’s A Lot Like You’) AND a patch to sew on your bag / dufflecoat. It’s lovely being in a paper zine again! 🙂 And look at this lovely note…

  • Mosh & Rock City 16-29/7/12

    Mosh & Rock City 16-29/7/12, a set on Flickr.