Making Parathas With My Mummy

Parathas are done! Making Parathas 1Making Parathas 2Making Parathas 3Making Parathas 4Making Parathas 5
To go with the parathas, aloo bhaja!

Making Parathas With My Mummy, a set on Flickr.

Yesterday, I popped round my folks’ and got a paratha lesson from my Mummy.

I got quite good at making them about three years ago but then I slacked. And I lost the knack.

Sooo… she took me through it all again, it’s second nature to her after so many decades of cooking for the family. And her parathas are the best I’ve ever had: not too oily, not too dry. Just right.

I’m going to try to keep making them now, just to keep my hand in. Next task: get good at chicken curry again! 😀