Month: May 2012

  • Mosh & City 14-27/5/12

    Mosh & City 14-27/5/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Phlebas and Rock City 6-13/5/12

    Phlebas and Rock City 6-13/5/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Toppy Goth

    We were going to do a sunny shoot but the weather went rainy. So, trooper that she is, Toppy agreed to some bedraggled, rainy shots. But… … she didn’t look quite wet enough. So, with her permission, I chucked a glass of water in her face! And, bless her, she didn’t even punch me. Y’see,…

  • B&W Nat

    Experimenting with ring flash and black and white, Nat being the (very cute!) guinea pig as usual. Click the pic for more! 😀

  • Emma Garden

    Click the pic for more Emma! 🙂

  • Rolls-Royce RB211

    Clicky the pic to see more engineering loveliness! 😀

  • Nat At Kegworth Lock

    As we were driving back from Sutton Bonnington campus, we stopped off at the lock and got a few snaps, click above to see them. She’s squinting a lot because it was soooo bright!

  • Mosh, Phlebas, Mosh, City 30/4/12 – 6/5/12

    Mosh, Phlebas, Mosh, City 30/4/12 – 6/5/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Nat In The Green

    A sunny day (at bloody last!) + Nat + my garden = pics. 😀

  • Emma Golden

    My gorgeous friend Emma being all gorgeous and Rapunzelly! 😛

  • Layla B&W

    I really can’t decide if I like the colour pics of Layla or the black and white? She has this very classical beauty, like an ancient statue but breathing. And telling the most bizarre stories! 😀 Click the pic! 🙂

  • Layla

    Finally got Layla round to do some snaps and just in the nick of time as she’s now moved to Scotland with her new hubby. Black and white pics from the same session next! Click the pic! 😀