Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Protest

Jennifer Reiter was on the protest. She says:

“Here is one of the outcomes of last Friday’s pro-choice rally and protest outside the bpas clinic in Bedford Square! I was the first person Pod Delusion sidled up to to interview. I’m honoured! About 2.05 is when I go on for a bit about why it’s important to raise our voices about what is going on with abortion and repro rights in the UK these days, what with ’40 Days for Life’ and allies (who are in the minority of the population) suddenly making a big impact on how women access legal, safe, free services.

I was also interviewed before & after the rally by a student who’s putting together a radio show about what’s going on with anti-choicers getting so much notice lately.

Finally, Time Out London (!) got some words from me and they’ll apparently be in the April 10 magazine with a picture too.

This all makes me feel somehow, like, *legit* and *profesh* after all these years…! From those first sightings of ‘aborted fetuses’ on 6 foot posters held by protestors who surrounded our entire high school for days on end so we could see the signs from classroom windows…to now in the UK seeing such tactics are coming into this culture. It’s frightening.”
(Source: Facebook)